Saturday 2 September 2023

Cut Piece - Accept Defeat (Don't Sabotage Me)


  Happy to report that this week's Just Some Punk Songs show playlist is coming along very nicely indeed (do your ears a favour and tune in on Sunday at 8pm UK time :

  As usual, it's an hour's worth of awesome newly released punk music and this week it includes the song I'm posting below.

  Cut Piece are new to me, they're a quartet from Portland, Oregon featuring a line up of Mary (drums), Samantha (bass), Zach (guitar) & Laura (vocals). 

  They released an energetic debut single in July ( and now they return with the opening track from a new Self Titled ep which will be released on 7 inch vinyl and digital download on 22nd September by Dirt Cult Records. Featuring Don't Become The Enemy from the debut single plus 3 new songs, it's an invigorating blast of in your face punk rock. You can order it here :

  The teaser song is all shouty vocals and jagged guitar and it's called Accept Defeat (Don't Sabotage Me)...

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