Sunday 17 September 2023

Duncan Reid And The Big Heads - Singing with the Beach Boys


  I'm sure you're all familiar with Duncan Reid? After arriving in London back in 1976 as a 17 year old he was swallowed by the emerging punk scene and has been involved in it ever since. As an original member of The Boys he was partly responsible for some of the genres most beloved songs ( and for the last dozen or so years he's been pleasing crowds all over the world with his own band, Duncan Reid And The Big Heads (

  But change is in the air. After being asked by a friend if he might be autistic, he was assessed and found out that indeed he is. Things suddenly made sense. After a lifetime of asking why the world's so mad, he came to the realisation that maybe it's him that's different. After a lifetime of "singing the same words as everyone else but to a different tune" he realises he no longer needs to hide away from the real world in "the inner world of music." So he's decided to call it a day.

  There'll be a final gig on October 7th at London's Lexington and the band have just released a final album (their 5th). It's titled And It's Goodbye From Him and unsurprisingly it's a fitting farewell. 13 catchy tunes about the state of Duncan's mind, the state of the nation during lockdown and becoming a grandad... You can listen to it on Spotify : or buy it here :

  This is the album's closing track, it's "a poignant ache of a father leaving his son following marital separation but celebrating a connection found that they both love to sing Beach Boys songs at full pelt in the car." It's called Singing With The Beach Boys...

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