Tuesday 16 June 2020

Gym Tonic - By The Time I Was Young

  Did you see the Just Some Punk Songs' Top 100 Songs Of 2019 list?   (https://justsomepunksongs.blogspot.com/2019/12/top-50-songs-of-2019.html). I hope you did as it was bloody good (though I would say that as I compiled it!). Anyway, the point of bringing it up (aside from tempting you to check out some of the great bands that featured) is to demonstrate how impressed I was with one of the bands I came across last year. Berlin based synthpunk 4 piece Gym Tonic (https://www.facebook.com/GYM-Tonic-597778927050736/) released their debut album, Good Job, and it was a delight. 10 killer songs with possibly the highlight, Tourists Of Death, sitting proudly in 4th position in the Top 100. Obviously new music by the band was always going to be very welcome and that's what I'm featuring today.

  Holed up in isolation, Olivier (keys/vocals), Karen (bass/vocals), Andrea (drums) and Stephanie (guitar/vocals) haven't been letting enforced separation keep them quiet. They've been working on a few demos and they contributed one of them to an impressive 36 track sampler from No Way Back   (https://nowayback.bandcamp.com/releases). All income from the sampler goes towards Mission Lifeline (https://mission-lifeline.de/).

  The Gym Tonic song is quite a restrained affair by their standards but it creeps and crawls it's way into your consciousness and it reminds us why we loved Good Job so much. I'm left thinking "Fuck off virus and let bands like Gym Tonic back into the studio and get back to releasing great music."

  It's called By The Time I Was Young...

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