Monday 4 December 2023

King Effers - Champagne & Self Belief



  Do you remember Sheffield band The Fuckwits? Noisy punks with a bunch of catchy tunes about politics and life in general? Well back in 2019 (presumably with the aim of getting in a little less trouble with those who don't like swear words) they changed their name to King Effers. As a Just Some Punk Songs listener commented in the chatroom for last night's show, "they're better than ever."

  Not sure if that's true as they were bloody good before but I think it's fair to say (on the evidence presented by the new album) they certainly haven't got any worse.

  The album's (aptly) titled Soap Box and it's the sound of a band at the top of their game opining about topics they care about. With a line up of Mr Keef (Vocals/Guitar), Chris (Guitar/Vocals), Muzz (Bass/Vocals) & Tank (Drums/Percussion) they give their thoughts on our current prime minister, corporate theft and the lack of choice at the ballot boxes. It's a punk/dub/ska mash up and it's great. 

  This track's about being born with a silver spoon in your mouth. It's called Champagne & Self Belief... 

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