Wednesday, 30 January 2019

The Ringwalds - Debbie Downer

  Calgary trio The Ringwalds featured on here 18 months ago with a song from their Canned Goods ep (  They've just taken a year off and undergone a line-up change but they're still partying and going off the evidence of their new single they're still playing catchy old school (ie proper) pop punk. You can find it here :

    So you're at a party, the booze is flowing, people are having fun but there's that bored looking girl lowering the general ambience. That's Debbie Downer....

Hey lady you're lookin' fine 
Tonight's the night that you can be all mine 
You know I think about you all the time 
Sittin' on a couch sippin' on a beer 
You're lookin' so bored but you just got here 
Tonight I'll lay it all out on the line 

And I wonder what it'd be like 
If you and I could rock the night away 
You know I think about you all the time 

Little Debbie Downer 
She's all dolled up but she wishes she stayed home 
Little Debbie Downer cannot stay 
Little Debbie Downer 
She doesn't wanna hear about your day 
Little Debbie Downer cannot stay 

Well the party drags on until the end of the night 
I'm lookin' for you do you feel alright? 
Well it looks like Debbie Downer couldn't stay 
If you only knew what I would do 
To dance and swing the whole night through 
Well then little Debbie Downer might've stayed.

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