Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Ringwalds - Let's Get Rockin'


  The Ringwalds are 3 party dudes (Tommy, Marky, Stevie) from Calgary, Alberta. I don't know much about them other than they had a song (Maverick) featured on the Teenage Bottlerocket tribute album, Skate Or Fly, that Ramone To The Bone Records released at the end of last year.

  Today's update features a song from their forthcoming debut ep, Canned Goods. It'll be out on August 18th and they'll be playing a release party at The Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club in Calgary on the same date. You can find a download of the song here :

  There's loads of bands playing Ramones inspired pop punk, going off the evidence of this debut single, The Ringwalds may well be one of the better ones. This is Let's Get Rockin'....  

Well we'll smash a case of beer then we'll go go go 
Gonna head down to the sweet rock show 
There's a bunch of different people that all look the same 
There's a bunch of different people that don't know my name 
They're all looking at me funny cause I'm sniffing glue 
But I'm not gonna let 'em tell me what to do, no 
Better hurry up because we're running late 
I got a song stuck in my head and I'm feeling great. 

Come on baby baby lets get rockin' 
We'll get rockin' tonight.

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  1. thanks for bringing the music of early 80's possibly late 70's back....make me feel young and energied....well done....more more