Monday, 21 January 2019

The Shifters - Photo Op

  Here's a song I played on the Just Some Punk Songs show this week and I mentioned in the chatroom "here's one for those of you that like The Fall..."  I'm pretty sure a few of the listeners thought it actually was some long lost Fall song, possibly recorded in an Icelandic cave back in the early 80's or maybe something from Melbourne Mark E Smith. There's no getting away from it, The Shifters wear their influences on their sleeve but damn, they make good music.

  Featuring a line up of Miles Jansen (vocals/guitar), Tristan Davies (guitar/vocals), Lloyd Davies (bass), Ryan Coffey (drums/vocals) and Louise Russell (keys) they're a band I first came across last year when they released debut album Have A Cunning Plan ( Even whilst featuring a song from it I managed to mention The Fall (, I think it's an obligatory reference though as most reviews seem to bring up Prestwich's finest.

  So onto the new release. It's a 12" split with fellow Melbourne band Parsnip, it's titled Hip Blister and it features 3 tracks from each band. There's 500 copies and you can get it from French label Future Folklore Records

  Hypnotically ramshackle, this is Photo Op...

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  1. Hi,thanks for spreading the word. Fully deserved for this great band. Yohan from Future Folklore