Thursday 5 May 2016

Derkovbois - Bomba

   (photo by Cserkuti Tamas)

  I've a song for you today that I only recently had brought to my attention (thanks Paolo Merolla) but which is fantastic. It's by a band who formed in the Derkovits district in Szombathely, Hungary, in 2002. They're called Derkovbois and their music is a mixture of street punk, rock n roll and real oi.

  Their first release was a 6 track demo in 2003 and they followed it up a year later with 3 tracks on a split with Youngang. Their debut album, Mindent Egy Lapra came out in 2005 and the ep Paprika, Shamrock, Pride saw the light of day in 2008.

  Following a 6 year gap, their most recent album, Szabotazs! was released in September 2014. You can check it out here : The line up of the band as far as I'm aware is Peter Farkas, Pedro Cavallo, Lezer Raptor, Imre Balna and Attila Nemeth.

  I know very little else about the band but I do know that the song you'll find below, Bomba, builds slowly before breaking out into one of the catchiest gang vocal singalongs you'll hear.........

Télen a jégen, nyáron a hőben, 
Egy generáció elveszőben 
Az a néhány dal, az a pár akkord, 
Mi toljuk akkor is hogyha nem akarod, 

Ma a haverok előtt, holnap a klubban, 
Újra a punk rock bomba robban, 
A munkának vége kijössz a gyárból, 
A hétvégén újra indul a punk rock, hejjjj!!!! 

A zene robbanószer 
Ha a kanócot meggyújtod egyszer 
A punkrock bomba újra robban 
És belül a tűz majd újra lobban 

Amit felemészt a hétköznap 
Az hétvégén újra lángra kap 
A problémák hada várhat 
Punk rock a király! Élj a mának! 

(English lyrics)

On ice in winter, in the heat in summer 
A generation is disappearing 
But those few song, those few accords 
We play even if you don't want it 

Today in front of friends, tomorrow in the club 
The punk rock bomb explodes again 
The work is over, you leave the factory 
Punk rock starts again at the weekend. Hey! 

The music is an explosive 
If you light the fuse once 
The punk rock bomb explodes again 
The fire inside burns up again 

What the weekdays take away 
That catches fire in the weekend again 
Problems can wait
Hail to the Punk Rock! Live for today!

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