Sunday 8 May 2016

The Hallingtons - Running from the USSR

  Damn, this is so infectious. The Hallingtons are old school pop punkers from Oslo who've been releasing great music since 2010. Songs like Alien Girl, The Avenger, All She Did Was Lie (to name just a few) are the sort of Ramones influenced gems that once heard will lodge themselves in your brain and demand repeat plays. Now I'm very happy to report that their latest ep is out on Monster Zero Records and it'll also burrow it's way inside your head. If I were you I'd stop reading immediately and go check out their bandcamp :

  If there's anyone still here, I'll just mention that they line up Mikel Hallington (bass, vocals), J. Hallington (guitar, vocals) and T.E. Hallington (drums, vocals). The new ep is called Running From The USSR, it contains 4 tracks (Why Can't You Be With Me is a classic that only misses out on being posted below due to the mega catchy chorus of the title track so don't miss that one too) and it's highly recommended......

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