Sunday 15 May 2016

Evil Conduct - Working Class Heroes

Evil Conduct formed in 1984 and split in 1988 without many people noticing. It was only after the release several years later of a couple of eps and the positive reception that those old recordings received that they reformed and achieved the success that had previously eluded them.

  From Roermond, a city in the South East of The Netherlands, they were a proudly working class oi band with a strong skinhead identity. They released half a dozen anthemic studio albums and numerous singles and splits, there were also the 16 Oi! Scorchers! compilation and last years Live At Wild At Heart. The song you'll find below is the title track of 2012's Working Class Heroes album and also featured on their Oi! Rules...Ok! split ep with The Old Firm Casuals.

  Unfortunately they abruptly split up in Feb 2015 but their legacy lives on. This is Working Class Heroes.....

Who are the ones who fought for freedom?
Who are the ones who gave their lives? Maybe they didn't have to lose much But don't forget their kids and wives Working class heroes They are the ones who helped to build this land Working class heroes They stay united always hand in hand Working class heroes With hearts of gold that always shine so bright Working class heroes They give you hope, will never leave you side Is this the way to treat your heroes? Don't you have no respect at all? A government that never listens It seems it's riding for a fall This ain't a country fit for heroes The government don't give a shit They're all so full of self importance Soon time will come that they'll admit We need to honour them, we need to honour them We need to show that we'll remember them

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