Tuesday 3 May 2016

U K Subs - Dope Fiend

  Well they finally made it. A-Z, mission complete and still sounding far better than a band that's been going since the mid 70's has any right to do. I'm of course talking about The U.K. Subs and the release of their new album Ziezo.

  The line up on what is their last studio release sees Charlie Harper ably complimented by long time partner in crime Alvin Gibbs (bass) as well as Jet (guitar) and Jamie Oliver (drums). Having a settled line up for the last decade has helped them sign off with some of the strongest albums since the early, glory days of Another Kind Of Blues, Brand New Age, Crash Course and Diminished Responsibility. Even after all their many releases and so many years, Charlie hasn't run out of things to say and despite them saying this will be it as far as albums go, there's still hopefully going to be further singles or eps.

  There's plenty of tracks from the album that I could have chosen to highlight but I'm going with Dope Fiend.....

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