Sunday 22 May 2016

Patsy's Rats - Rock N' Roll Friend

   Patsy's Rats are from Portland, Oregon and are headed by Patsy Gelb (daughter of Giant Sand's Howe Gelb) and Christian Blunda (guitarist & vocalist of Mean Jeans). Also featured on their 2015 s/t 7 song ep are Aaron Levy (bass/vocals), Nat Browner (drums) and Kyle Raquipiso (drums).

  Mixing up catchy powerpop with driving indie tinged rock n roll, their debut single, Rock n Roll Friend is an infectious throwback to a time when the likes of The Go-Go's, The Runaways and The Bangles used to rule the airwaves.

  You can check out their music here : but if vinyl is your preference a 7" is newly available on La-Ti-Da Records

  Ideal for listening to in the car on a hot summer's day (volume up, window down), this is Rock N' Roll Friend......

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