Friday 13 May 2016

Deadlock UK - Speeding Along

  Deadlock UK formed as Deadlock way back in 1979 in Aldershot, gigged for a couple of years and then went their separate ways. Fast forward to 2012 and they got back together with the intention of recording their old songs (which had previously only existed on a few home made cassettes). Things went well and they got back to regularly gigging and also writing new material.

  Last month saw the release, 37 years after they first got together, of their debut album. Called Speeding Along, it's available on Deadlock Punk and you can check it out here :

  Featuring Fez (vocals), Paul Denison (guitar), Richie Nice (bass) and Sully (drums), they've added the UK to their name to avoid confusion with a German melodic death metal band and they've put out a shiny new video for the title track from the album. This is Speeding Along.....

Same old boring everyday 
Jumped in my car to get away 
Highway driving I felt fine 
Speeding along I had plenty of time 
Thought I’d turn my radio on 
But all I got was a disco song 
Reached and moved the dial along 
But all I got was Jimmy Young 

Speeding along with my radio on... 

Gave that dial another twist 
But all I got was Brahms and Liszt 
Thinking this was pretty bad 
Capital Radio driving me mad 
Turned it on to LBC 
Where news comes first but not for me 
Switched it to the Long Waveband 
Some DJ I can’t understand 

Speeding along with my radio on... 

Turned that dial a little more 
On the air it’s Radio Four 
Programmes on the arts and mime 
Politics and story time 
Thought I’d put the FM on 
Police transmission coming on strong 
A speeding car APB 
Then I sussed that car was me 

Speeding along with my radio on...

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