Saturday 7 May 2016

The Lippies - Walking On Fences

photo by Greg Pallante

"Hey everyone, this is Tonia talking right now. It is with a heavy heart- one full of love, gratitude, and an ever developing sense of self- awareness that I make this announcement: I have decided to pull the plug on The Lippies."

  From Grand Rapids, Michigan, The Lippies were the great white hope of female fronted, bouncy pop punk. Featuring Tonia Broucek (vocals), Lawrence Kole (bass), Taylor Shupe (guitar) and David Sparks (drums), they were an infectious, energetic blast of effervescence who formed in August 2014 and announced their presence with this self released debut ep :

  Snapped up by Red Scare Industries, they recently released their self titled debut album, an album that whilst catchy and (for the most part) high tempo also deals in more serious subject matter than many of the bands who play this type of music. Tonia's punchy, urgent vocals espouse feminist lyrics that'll engage your brain as you bounce around your bedroom.

  A few weeks ago they had to curtail their tour due to the state of Tonia's singing voice and then towards the end of April came the announcement that the band was no more. Sad news indeed but at least they left us with one hell of an album.

  This is Walking On Fences.....

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