Thursday 19 May 2016

The Wurst - Soylent Green

  The last time they featured in this blog (, they seemed to go down very well so today The Wurst are back with an appetising song from their new s/t ep.

  Aiming to make punk fun again, they write catchy tunes and have a front woman, Ashley Amoeba, who's punchy vocals do those tunes justice. Don't be fooled into thinking they're your typical pop punk outfit though, their music has bite as well as melodies.

  Check out their music here :

  It's not just people, it's delicious. This Is Soylent Green......

Food supplies are dwindling 
Well honey i got just the thing
It's Tuesday night know what that means
We're all eating soylent green
Joey, Nicky in the blender
Going on a people bender
Sarah, Becky, Suzy Q,
Jack, and Jim, and Billy too
Grind up all the teenage slackers
Make 'em into people crackers
Jessie is too hard to chew, make him into soylent stew
Soylent yellow, soylent red
Don't taste as good when you eat the dead
Eating legs and arms and lungs
Eyeballs, noses, even tongues
Soilent green is pussy too, so eat it up, it's good for you
All the masses must be fed
The governement is out of bread
No more steak, eggs, or veal
Soylent green's the perfect meal
When you die I will eat you
And if I die you'd eat me too

Solent Green Soylent Green
You got let them know
Soylent Green Soylent Green
Soylent Green is people

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