Thursday 12 May 2016

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Lianne Vino (Cracked Up)

  Last month I posted a song from the excellent new ep from Amsterdam band Cracked Up (, it's definitely one of the records of the year so far and you can find it here : If you're going to the Rebellion Festival you'll be able to check them out on the Sunday when they play the Rebellion Introducing Stage.

  Today I'm pleased to bring you a top 10 songs chosen by Cracked Up bassist Lianne Vino (other members of the band will be featuring soon). Many thanks Lianne.......

 1)  THE GITS - Second Skin

 2)  SOCIAL DISTORTION - Pleasure Seeker

 3)  D.I. - Johnny's Got A Problem

 4)  THE GUN CLUB - She's Like Heroin To Me

 5)  THE F.U.s - Warlords

 6  SNFU - She's Not On The Menu

 7) GIRLSCHOOL - Race With The Devil

 8)  THE RUNAWAYS - Cherry Bomb

 9)  SICK ON THE BUS - Fight

10)  KISS - Detroit Rock City

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