Friday 20 May 2016

Three Grams - Raise Our Voices

  Three Grams (originally 3 Grams Over An Ounce) are from Denver, Colorado and got together back in 2006. They split up in 2012 and then reformed last year. Before their hiatus, they released a self titled album (in 2010) and an ep (in 2012), after getting back together they put out a single (Before The Fall) and there's a new ep in the pipeline called Awakening. You can check their music out here :

  Now a 5 piece, the new ep will feature an infectious new version of a track from their debut album. The reworking definitely benefits the song which is called Raise Our Voices and which is just begging to be sung along to. Enjoy.....

So can you just deal with it? 
The fact your system never gave a shit 
About your property and life 
And your basic human right 
To live a decent life 
Always feeling like you are under the knife 
In depression and defense we raise our voices 

We raise our voices 
We raise our voices loud 

So you're working just to get ahead 
But you know it's not gonna turn out like this 
You find your stupid mark and never amount to anything 
So I say: 
"I won't live your way" 
"I'll never play societies games" 
And when you see me on this stage 
I'll be singing so 

We raise our voices 
We raise our voices loud 

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