Tuesday 24 May 2016

Blanks 77 - Pills

  Blanks 77 describe themselves as Total Fucking Pogo Punk!! and I can't argue with that. From New Jersey, they formed in 1990, split in 2001 and then reformed in 2004. They currently line up Mike Blank (vocals), Tim "TJ" Blank (bass), Renee Wasted (guitar) and Chad 77 (drums).

  They've a large back catalogue of work, including a triple whammy of great late 90's studio albums (Killer Blanks, Tanked And Pogoed and C.B.H.) and now after a gap of nearly 20 years they return with 5 new tracks on a split album with Phillipsburg punkers The Parasitix. Recently released on Jailhouse Records, it's called Gettin' Blasted! and you can check it out here :  https://jailhouserecords3.bandcamp.com/album/gettin-blasted.

  A scything commentary on modern society's reliance on pharmaceutical pick me ups or just a celebration of the various drugs that help the days pass more agreeably? (I'm hazarding a guess at the latter!)  This is Pills......

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