Monday 4 March 2024

Incisions - Rot


  "Is it change that we all want?"

  Incisions ( are from Manchester. They feature a line up of Jordan (Vocals), Martin (Guitar/Vocals), Ken (Bass/Vocals) & Tet (Drums). They've featured on here previously with 3 fast and furious hardcore punk tunes.

  Today they return with a highlight from a new ep which will surely see them once again making the annual Just Some Punk Songs end of year chart.

  The ep is titled Living Proof and it sees the band barreling through 5 exhilarating anthems in under 10 minutes. The whole thing kicks off with a salutary warning about how we're heading towards a world without the cancer of humanity. It's a great introduction to arguably their best release yet (though I'm sure that's a statement that'll be up for dispute as the competition is tough). Decide for yourself (name your price) here :

  If you like what you hear you can catch them at the Manchester Punk Festival at the end of this month 

  My favourite (thus far) from the ep would be this. Proving hardcore punk songs can be tenderly wrapped in gorgeous melodies, this is called Rot... 

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