Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Inner Terrestrials - Eco War


  Following yesterday's update which introduced a new band that I knew nothing about, today you're getting a band that formed in South London back in 1994 who are known all over the world. 

  Inner Terrestrials ( have been wowing audiences for 27 years with their fusion of "dub, punk, ska, folk and general anarchic danceability." They line up with founder members Jay Terrestrial (vocals/guitar) and Fran Webber (vocals/bass) plus drummer Ben Swan and they've just released a new album titled Heart Of The Free. 


  It's 11 tracks of socially aware, genre hopping music which is passionate but also thoughtful. It's available on red marbled vinyl, cd and digital download and you can get more details here :  and listen here : 

  This track tells us how 50,000 acres of rain forest is lost every day and that 60% of all wild animals have disappeared during the last 40 years. It mentions how the oceans are a dumping ground for the effluent of consumerism and how contamination by man made chemicals affects every marine organism. Fossil fuel pollution and mass farming are destroying the planet but is there anything we can do, especially when big business does it's best to shut down solutions? 

  This is Eco War... 

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