Sunday, 7 March 2021

Crown Court - Sect 59


  I've got to be honest, I wasn't sure we'd hear anything more from London oi upstarts Crown Court ( Their impressive album Capital Offence came out 5 years ago and their last ep was 2018's Mad In England ( . 

  Since then Charlie Manning Walker has been doing very nicely for himself with Chubby and the Gang and The Chisel and their Facebook page has seen only tumbleweed drifting along. But then we got a post; Adjournment Over. It was the announcement that the band will be on an impressive bill for the Cream Of The Crop 3 all dayer at Bedford Esquires on 22nd July 2022 

  This was immediately followed up by the release of a new single. 2 tracks, Sect 59 and Scum, it looks as though it'll be available soon on Rebellion Records. The songs are already streaming on Bandcamp though at a price that might make you wait before downloading them 

  This is about driving fast and avoiding the boys in blue. Sect 59... 

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