Saturday, 6 March 2021

The Fish Mittens - Sunny Meadows


  The Fish Mittens ( are an irreverent old school band from Kent who mix mid paced punk rock with a dark humour which some might find a little close to the knuckle. The hint to their humour is in their name which is slang for female genitalia and can see why some might question lines such as "if I was her dad then I'd still be bathing her" or the image of a public schoolboy shoving a broomstick up his bum or letting his classmates see him wank (and I've not even mentioned custard!). But it's all done with a glint in the eye by a band who're drawing a range of caricatures from life's seedy underbelly. 

  If you're easily offended, come back tomorrow. 

  If you've stuck around I'll tell you that their new album is titled My Wife's Clothes Don't Fit Me Anymore and you can find it here : 

  The title track deals with the problem of putting on weight when you're a cross dresser, Dirty Harry is about a fat sweaty perv and she's got nits is about unconditional love (it's actually quite sweet and I'll play it on this week's show). In the words of the Kenny Everett character Cupid Stunt, "it's all done in the best possible taste!"

  This one's about mental illness, it's called Sunny Meadows...  

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  1. "if I was her dad then I'd still be bathing her" HA HA HA!!!