Monday, 1 March 2021

La Rabbia - Ideological Weapons


  La Rabbia, the London outfit influenced by the likes of Crass, Crisis & The Mob and featuring the distinctive vocals of No Front Teeth Records' Marco Palumbo, have only been active for a couple of year but they've built up a pretty impressive body of work. 2019's debut album Shock Tactics was great, the following year's Consumed By Paranoia And Fear (a great title which aptly sums up their atmospheric sound) was even better. They didn't hang around after that, releasing the 24 track In The Face Of Atrocities just 4 months later. 

  And now we've a couple more releases on the way. April 1st will bring us a 4 track ep titled The Setting In Motion Of Horrific Events and a single called Ideological Weapons. I don't notice much of a change in direction from the band. It's more tightly wound, 80's influenced, dark anarcho post punk. Check 'em out here :

  This is the lead track on the single, I'm not sure if it's inspired by the Franz J Hinkelammert book Ideological Weapons Of Death: A Theological Critique Of Capitalism but I'm guessing that's maybe something the band would write about. It's called Ideological Weapons... 

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