Sunday, 28 February 2021

Gumiho 구미호 - Kill Kode

(Photo by sooogoodstudios)

  One thing I've noticed over the last few months on this blog is that a song that was guest reviewed by Jamie Bay back in August ( has proved very popular, with people clicking on the link for it on a regular basis ever since. Not sure who's been sharing it about, or where to, but let's hope they do the same with today's update! The song in question was called -ing and it was by Seoul 4 piece Gumiho (

  Named after a legendary 9 tailed fox and lining up with Caspin (vocals), Yujin (guitar), Matt (bass) and Stephen (drums), they've just released a new single. It's actually a 4 way split ep in collaboration with Original Son (USA), The Sino Hearts (China) and The Old Wives (Canada). Put together by World Domination, Inc (a diy label and booking agency in Seoul), the ep is titled World Domination Vol 3 and it's available on 7" coloured vinyl (If you're in the US or Canada you will probably be better ordering from the other bands). 

  The Gumiho track comes with an accompanying video and is a powerful rocker which reminds me of bands like Petrol Girls & In Evil Hour etc.  It's called Kill Kode... 

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