Saturday, 20 February 2021

Horror Section - Die Alone (Guest Review By Ralph J Rivera)


Since 2014 St.Louis Missouri's Horror Section ( have been putting out some of the best "Horror-Themed" Pop Punk you'll ever hear. I've been a fan of these guys since their very beginning. Mixing the best elements of the Misfits with later period Lillingtons this band are perfect for those of us that like things a little "darker".

You can check their Bandcamp page for all the past stuff but this is about the brand new EP they dropped on "Valentine's Day". It's called "My Bloody Valentine" and features 4 more classic HS classics! I love how they mixed up the themes on this EP! Half "Horror Punk"/ half let's just have fun! If anything this new EP just made me realize why I LOVE this band so much!

And if anyone could write a song as to how a lot of us are feeling these days - HERE'S my pick - "Die Alone"!

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