Tuesday, 9 February 2021

The 99ers - Kissing Johnny Ramone


  As a punk rocker, some days I want to smash the state. I want to put the world to rights and deliver crushing justice to the greedy, the corrupt and the discriminators. But there's also days that I can't be arsed and I just want someone to put a smile on my face.                                                                        The 99ers (https://www.facebook.com/The99ers/) do just that. 

  Hailing from St Paul, Minnesota and lining up with Stephen Brookfield (Guitar & vocals), Emily Bee (Guitar & vocals), Doug Heeschen (Bass & vocals) and Chris Schoonover (Drums & percussion), they're no strangers to Just Some Punk Songs having featured with songs about pop punk girls, girls who don't like The Lillingtons and wanting to surf like the apeman. Today they return with a new song that's a pop punk delight. It's catchy and fun and it name checks punk's most famous guitarist. You can get it here : https://the99ers.bandcamp.com/track/kissing-johnny-ramone 

  Punk doesn't always have to be a serious business, sometimes all you need is a love of life and a tune to sing along with. This is Kissing Johnny Ramone... 

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  1. Punk is a broad church and if you believe the Ramones were an important early influence then you can see where this band is coming from - 'Rockaway Beach/California Sun' territory rather than 'Anarchy in the UK'.