Wednesday, 24 February 2021

The Throttles - Hate


  Yesterday I posted a song that featured on an impressive compilation album showcasing loads of great punk bands and today you're getting more of the same. This time around the compilation in question is the 3rd instalment in Grow Your Own Records' impressive Birds Of A Feather series. It's a treasure trove of top notch acts including Rabies Babies, Slow Faction, Drunken Marksman, Dogma, Riviera Kid and many more and it's available on cd (with free A5 booklet) here :

  The song I'm highlighting is by English garage/punk 4 piece The Throttles ( They feature Mick Wooding from Terminal Heads on vocals and guitar alongside Ronnie (backing vocals/guitar), Tex (bass) and Ash (drums). As well as the track you'll find below, I've heard a couple of songs off their Bandcamp page, (Love & Poison),  ( and I'm rather impressed. 

  Asking the question isn't it freedom and equality for all that makes this country great, this is called Hate...  


  1. Thanks for posting Mick, much appreciated, best, Mick.

  2. Thanks, I'm so glad you liked it