Sunday, 14 February 2021

The Meffs - You'll See


(Photo: #jonslack)

  The Meffs ( are a duo from Essex otherwise known as Lily Hopkins (vocals/guitar) and Lewis Copsey (drums). They released a Self Titled debut album last year which, if you missed it, is available here : 

   The album picked up some rave reviews and helped swell their fanbase but as with most bands at the moment, the closing of live venues due to the pandemic is leaving them itching to return to the stage sometime this year. No doubt one of the songs they'll be playing when that happens is the new single which you'll find below. 

  There might only be the two of them but they still kick up a racket, I've not had the pleasure of watching them live but the footage on this new video suggests that as well as being noisy they bring plenty of energy and attitude to the party. The single's called You'll See and it's damn good so check it out... 

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