Thursday, 4 February 2021

Les Hatepinks - How Could Punk Be Dead When I´m Still Alive


  Les Hatepinks formed in Marseilles back in 2004 and released 3 studio albums (Sehr Gut Rock Und Roll, Parasites Like Me, Plastic Bag Ambitions) during their first couple of years in existence. Since then we've had a Live At The Stork Club album plus a couple of comps and a bunch of singles but it's taken them 16 years to get round to studio album number 4 (splitting up in 2009 obviously being a reason for this!). 

  Released by Wanda Records, it's titled Sauerkrank / Opupo 4 and it features a dozen tracks of playful electro punk. The vinyl seems to be flying off the shelves but you can check if there's any of the various versions left here : 

  This song namechecks the likes of Johnny Rotten and Richard Hell. Mark E Smith once sang "This is the three R's The three R's: Repetition, Repetition, Repetition" and this track uses repetition to create an aural earworm. It's called How Could Punk Be Dead When I'm Still Alive... 

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