Sunday, 7 February 2021

Old City (Ft. Murs) - Sixers

"My story ain't like yours..."

  Old City ( are from Philadelphia and may be a band that you'll enjoy if you're looking for more music in the vein of current UK faves Bob Vylan. Blurring the boundaries between hip hop and punk rock, they rather splendidly line up thus; Billy Joel Armstrong (guitar), Tre Coolio (vocals), Flea Ving (bass), Madonna Summer (vocals), Alanis Morrissey (drums), Chuck Berry White (vegan noise) & Marky Mark Ronson (turntables). 

  They released an ep in 2017 titled Black Bastards and returned late last year with a new 5 track Self Titled offering. You can get both here : 

  This is the track which is getting most attention, not only does it feature a guest appearance from West Coast rapper Murs (who tells us the story of his life on the punk rock scene), it also samples from Black Flag's classic Six Pack (and listen out for a tip of the hat to Cockney Reject's Police Car). It's called Sixers... 

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