Saturday, 13 February 2021

DeeCRACKS - We Can't Help It


  Austrian punk legends DeeCRACKS ( are gearing up to release a new album, it'll be a follow up to 2017's Sonic Delusions and it'll be titled Serious Issues. It's set for release on 12th March by Pirates Press Records ( 

  Blazing a trail for it comes a new single titled We Can't Help It of which lead singer Matt says "The song's basically about life and love. How we can direct ourselves in a certain direction. Make things better or worse for us every day. But we can't help to fall in love with someone. It just happens."  

  With the current Corvid pandemic keeping the band off the road they've been staying active working on several videos and studio sessions which will be released to support the album. This is one of those videos. Featuring sock puppets, a no expense spared travel budget and a guest appearance from Kathy Bates, this is a catchy little number. We Can't Help It... 

Tired of that heartache Tired of a broken heart It never seemed to happen It never played a minor part You traded my love I'm tired of a fool's game I'm tired of this game called love It never seemed to happen to Annie Wilkes So brave so tough She never traded her love Yeah you went on and then you took off You and I can't help it after all

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