Sunday, 21 October 2018



  Fellow Global Punk Network host Steven Milton always plays plenty of awesome bands on his weekly Richter Scale's Amateur Hour show (saved shows here : and yesterday I saw him recommending a band from Toronto called WLMRT. Suitably impressed I'm basking in the reflective glow of his coolness and posting their latest video on here.

  Forming in 2015, WLMRT are described as sounding akin to "Teenage Jesus and the Jerks chugging cola with The Locust and Guerilla Toss. Think the rotting corpse of no-wave, all dolled up in neon, going pool-hopping in an ice storm." Or to simple souls like myself who are going off the evidence of the song you'll find at the bottom of this update they're a diy, synth heavy, off kilter riot of fun. If I was to chuck around a few comparisons I'd go with maybe Judy And The Jerks, Janitor Scum, Cold Meat etc.

  You can find previous releases mostly name your price here :  and get more info from Facebook :

  Their new ep, titled Lube 2, will be available digitally and on limited edition vinyl from Pleasence Records next month and you can preorder it here :       

  If all the new songs are as good as this it'll be one of the years best. This is C.U.T.V. 


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  1. No wave sucks. 1990s suck as well.

    -1 punk from PDX