Thursday, 18 October 2018

Tommy And The Rockets - We're Going Surfin'

  Summer's over (or at least it is in Chorley). The nights are drawing in, there's a chill in the air and next week the clocks go back. Not to worry though, today Tommy And The Rockets will be brightening up the day with a track from their brand new split ep, Split The Waves.

  From Odense, Denmark, they've collaborated with Spanish band Bikini Wipeouts ( to bring us 4 sundrenched surftastic power pop tunes. Both bands contribute an original song and a cover (Tommy And The Rockets cover Summer Means Fun by The Fantastic Baggies whilst Bikini Wipeouts turn their hands to Brian Wilson's Hawaii). It's on Roctopus T.P. Records on ltd edition vinyl and you can check it out here : or here :

    Forget the cold and the rain, slap on some Factor 50 and go hit the ocean. This is We're Going Surfin'...

It's a clear blue sky
Not a cloud in sight
A sun you can't deny
Everything's alright

We've got the top pulled down
and we cruise around
yeah we're feeling great
the coolest cats in town

We're going surfin’ baby
gonna catch the perfect wave
We're going surfin’ baby
gonna rip around the bay

When the night draws in
we'll party on the beach
in the blistering heat
nothing is out of reach

And as the sun comes up
we're waxing boards again
go hit the ocean surf
we may even hang ten 

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