Saturday, 20 October 2018

Mr Lisp - Get Our Minds Right


  Today it's a band I hadn't heard of until I received a message on Google from Shane Hobensack who's a member of Mr. Lisp telling me that they're a punk band from Philadelphia, PA, who have a wide range of influences ranging from NOFX to Ween and would I like to review their new album, Get Our Minds Right. 

  I'm always wary about these kind of messages as obviously I want every song I share with you to be something I like and as everyone's taste is different then obviously I'm going to be sent stuff I don't like and I hate to say no to people. Also I'm not really a good enough writer to do proper reviews so I rely on pretty similiarly structured introductions with links to the music so you can hopefully think ah, Mick likes it so let's have a listen and make our own minds up what it's like. But Mr. Lisp are good and the title track to the album that you'll find below is very catchy so here you go...

   If you check out their Facebook page you'll notice there's not much band info available (heaven forbid anyone thinks that's the reason for the 2 paragraphs of waffle at the start of this review!)

  As well as Shane, the band is comprised of Chris Brill, Connor McGill and Jerry Galanti and you can find the album (plus a couple of eps) over on Bandcamp :

  As for a review, the best you're going to get is that I enjoyed it and recommend you go and see what you think. If you like it, tell your friends I'm sure all the bands on here are grateful for any word of mouth they get. Below is the obligatory Youtube link, it's the title track, Get Our Minds Right...

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