Wednesday, 24 October 2018

The Ratz (feat. Ines from Damn Broads) - Lisa

  The Ratz are the New Haven punk band that feature members of acts such as The Lost Riots, The Danglers, Elvis Mcman, The Black Noise Scam and Buzzbomb. The line up comprises Matt Mullarkey (bass/vocals), Jeffrey Thunders (vocals/guitar) and Elvis (drums). They've recently been joined by Ines Segarra who was lead guitarist with Damn Broads but on this release she's just guesting on vocals on the lead track.

  Both The Ratz and Damn Broads have contributed 3 songs each to a split ep, there's a limited number on 7" vinyl and you can find the Ratz' tracks digitally here :

  Very much influenced by the likes of Black Flag, Circle Jerks, The Stooges etc, The Ratz are an old school 3 chord punk band with simple but very effective songs and distinctive vocals. You can find more info on them here : 

  This is the song that features Ines, it's called Lisa...

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