Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Rotten Foxes - Hamburg Höllenfahrt (Review By Darren Bourne)

  Tadpole Records boss Darren Bourne returns today after kindly sending me his thoughts on a release from last year by a band from his home town. I'll pass you over to him....

 Rotten Foxes : Hamburg Höllenfahrt (from EP II) 

  The Rotten Foxes are 4 guys from Brighton that play Death Punk Rock, They are Rhys Top Boy Toye - Vocals,  Danny Camelot - Drums,  Jimi Dymond - Bass and The Mac Daddy - Guitar

  If you like Turbonegro, Denim, Punk Rock, Beer, Zeke, Rock N' Roll, Mullets & a good time then you may want to check these guys out, they have 2 EP's on their Bandcamp which are both pay what you want to download & a live gig from The Unicorn, Camden, UK. You can also pick up shirts & other Merch there. 

  They are a touring machine & seem to be playing all over the UK all the time & have also headed to Europe a few times so make sure you catch these guys live, it'll be one big party.  They have a U.K. stint lined up for late winter and their biggest Euro trip to date in April 2019, Plus a load of festivals in the works, so follow them on social media for more news

  They put on some killer shows in Brighton under the Apocalypse Dudes Presents banner, supporting other bands & giving Brighton some of the most fun gigs in the South of England, so if you're in town come & have a beer with them, but don't expect a early night. & if you want to look good for the night Jimi also has his own Barbershop so pop in for a trim before the show and sort out that Mullet.

  A new EP is in the works (currently being recorded) & it's going to be vinyl this time, looking for more labels to help out so drop them a message if you like what you hear, it's all about co-operation so the more labels the better, the world needs to hear the Rotten Foxes & every punk rocker needs to experience the live show as we all know that's where Punk Rock is at it's best                   

  Lee (The Mac Daddy) is also in new Brighton Punk / Rock N' Roll band Glitter Piss, but that's one for next time.....

  This is Hamburg Höllenfahrt... 

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