Friday, 24 March 2017

Vanity - You'll Never Matter Much To Them


  I'm posting a song today that should have been on here last year but it seems to have been overlooked for some reason. It's by Vanity, a band from New York who started off as a duo (Evan Radigan & Colman Durkee) but have now expanded in numbers and moved away from their Oi influenced sound more towards a glam/ Brit Pop vibe. Don't worry though, they're still well worth your time.

  Featuring members who have previously being in bands such as CREEM, The Rival Mob, Nuclear Spring etc, Vanity released a couple of cassettes before picking up plenty of positive press for 2014's Vain In Life album ( ). 2015 saw them release a 7" single ( ) before their sound mellowed out a little for last year's Don't Be Shy album. You can check it out on the Katorga Works Bandcamp....

  The song you'll find below is the "hit" off the album, You'll Never Matter Much To Them.....


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