Friday 10 March 2017

Anoraks - Kill The Stupid

  Anoraks are an east London punk band who formed in 1996 and who are one of those frustrating bands that can't be arsed to post a decent band bio on Facebook meaning I have to actually do some work to bring you the few facts I can find. I did get the line up direct from one of the members who says aside from himself (Si King), there's also Gary Minall, Bev Rage and Tom (Spud) Perry.

  It appears as though none of their releases are currently available (they're working on this) though you can listen to a decent chunk of their back catalogue on this Youtube channel

  I'm also informed that a live ep is due out soon (hopefully available at the end of this month) and it'll be followed by an ep featuring new tracks. Amongst the live dates planned, they'll be supporting Sham 69 at The 100 Club on 24th March, they'll be appearing at the Great Yarmouth Scooter Rally in August and September will see them playing an open air festival in Leipzig, Germany. You can get more details here :

  No idea when the following snotty, '77 influenced punk song was released but it's definitely worth posting. This is Kill The Stupid.....

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