Wednesday 27 April 2016

Cracked Up - Cracked Up

  Do you remember the good old days of punk rock. The golden era of the late 70's when ballsy female fronted bands like X Ray Spex, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Penetration etc were putting out exciting new music? Well take a listen to this new song by Cracked Up and relive those glory days.

  Forming in Amsterdam in 2013, Cracked Up are an in your face punk band that are "never conformist, always fighting, screaming, nasty, uncomfortable...." They introduced themselves in 2014 with a demo ep (snap it up on bandcamp "name your price") and they've followed it up with a new ep which is called Room (201)6 and which can be found here : Highly recommended, it's one of the best new releases this year.

  Lining up Lianne (bass), Alex (drums), Lucia (vocals) and Yasmine (guitar), this is definitely a band to watch out for. I played this song on the Just Some Punk Songs show and it picked up several very favourite comments, from the new ep, this is Cracked Up....

Funny feeling in my head 
This will surely drive me mad 
Forgot about last night 
Was I good or in a fight? 
Lucky today isn't real 
Give me a chance 
No fucking deal 

Watch out 
she's loud 
she don't care 
No pricks allowed 

Angry about each little shit 
This is going to be a damned fit 
There's motherfucking flames 
from my head on through my veins 
Pissed off with the human race 
Put the bastards in their place! 

Watch out 
She's loud 
She don't care 
No cunts allowed 

Weird intruders in my brain, 
This is driving me insane 
Is this what I've come to be? 
Is it her or is it me? 
Need to stop before next morning comes 
Need to move on 

Watch out 
She's loud 
she don't care 

She's cracked up somewhere!

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