Thursday 6 December 2018

The Wheelz - Im So Tired of Living In The USA

(photo : Vera Velma Hernandez)
  So it's that time of the week when I start putting together a playlist of more of the best new releases to play on the next Just Some Punk Songs show (Tuesday at 8pm UK time). One band that will definitely feature (with a different song to the one you'll find below) are Tulsa, Oklahoma, '77 influenced punks The Wheelz. They previously appeared on here back in 2014 with a rip roaring cover of The Partisans' So Neat ( and they return today with a track from their excellent new album.

  The album is titled Top 10 Super Hits! and it lives up to it's hyperbolic title. If you're a fan of bands like Blanks 77 and The Briefs you'll love this. It's available  on various edition vinyl from Wanda Records :

  You can check it out now on Bandcamp :

  Get more info here :

  The album's fun, it's good old fashioned punk rock and you should all check it out. Catchy tunes, big singalong choruses, snotty vocals....what's not to like. This is called I'm So Tired Of Living In The USA...


  1. Get a job parking at the airport, get out of USA. :D

    I work at the PDX airport. Me and my friend figure we are the only two punks that work there. You see a 1 or 2 punks daily but that's about it. Flying is costly so it makes sense you don't really see any.

    P.S. Why not cover Abrasive Wheels? LOL

  2. *working.

    You get free flights if you work for the airlines.