Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Kill The Masters - Questions


 "If I keep heading down this road
  I'll never know, I'll never know
  If I should stay, or I should go
  It's like Joe's question long ago
  And if I stay will I remain
  Become a tyrant or a slave
  Running free, running away
  I guess that they are both the same"

  Kill The Masters are a 3 piece band from just down the road from me in Bolton who play a mix of punk, ska and post hardcore. Their line up features Oli BoBo (guitar/vocals), Sam Cummins (bass/vocals) and Rebecca Broughton (drums/harp).

  They recently released their debut ep, Everything Hurts, and you can check it out "on all major streaming platforms" including Spotify :   https://open.spotify.com/artist/7IOipueFuLkkKh7ha80JGx

  You can get more info on them here : https://www.facebook.com/killthemasters/

   The ep proves that they're equally adept at all the various styles they incorporate into their sound and this is evident on the 5 minute track that I've posted below. Starting off as a ska/reggae hybrid it soon switches up a gear before alternating that laid back style with powerful bursts of energetic punk. All in all a very promising statement of intent from a band that are beginning to make people sit up and take notice. I'll play a different song from the ep on Sunday's Just Some Punk Songs show but today you're getting Questions.... 

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