Saturday 22 December 2018

Pete Bentham And The Dinner Ladies - The Che Guevara Thing

  Pete Bentham And The Dinner Ladies are a kitchencore band from Liverpool who are influenced by the likes of The Cramps, Velvet Underground, Devo, X Ray Spex etc (if you come back tomorrow you'll see more influences when frontman Pete selects his 10 favourite punk songs). Backing Pete are The Dinner Ladies, they're named after Pete's mum who was a dinner lady (wounded in action at Oakfield School, Widnes, 1968).

  A rock n roll extravaganza, they've released 3 full lengths, Hip Potater (2010), The New Underground (2011) and I Love Here (2013) . I've not managed to catch them live yet though I'm going to try and rectify that next year. I'm guessing they'll be great fun. For more info on the band check here :

  Earlier this year they celebrated their 10th anniversary with the release of "greatest hits" album This Is Kitchencore. It's available on vinyl from Anti Pop Records and you can find the digital version on Bandcamp :

  Inventive and humerous as well as rocking, I'm tempted to call them punk rock cabaret but I think that may do them an injustice as the music definitely stands on it's own two feet, all the fun is just an added bonus. If you're looking for something with the energy of punk rock but with added quirkiness you'll probably already be familiar with them, if you aren't the comp is a great starting off point. Taken from it, this is The Che Guevara Thing...

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