Friday, 14 December 2018

The Mistakes - Walk Tall


  Another song with a big booming singalong chorus today as Poole punk 5 piece The Mistakes return to Just Some Punk Songs. Having previously featured with the songs Never Be Quiet (the song that shares a name with their record company), Democracy and Quitters Get Nothing, regular visitors will already know that the band have a knack of penning catchy but powerful street punk anthems. Fans of their balls to the wall music will be excited to hear there's a new album out today called Upstarts And Heretics. They've also a bunch of new merch available and you can get all details on Facebook

  2018 was a busy year for the guys, as well as January's Anti Social Media album they gigged regularly (including making their debut at the Rebellion Festival, going down a storm and getting invited back for 2019) and paid a visit to Candy Bomber Studios in Berlin to record the new album with Ingo Krauss and Moses Schneider. All that gigging and working with the best people looks to have paid dividends going off the evidence of the video they've just released. Upstarts And Heretics is their first vinyl release and will be a perfect stocking filler.

  To whet your appetites, this is Walk Tall...

Line em up, And we’ll knock em down Tell you right now so that we don’t have a problem We won’t stop, And we won’t back down Gonna march right through you lame fucks territory You’re burned out We’re ascending 100 miles an hour like we only eat amphetamines You got nothing That can stop us now Hasn’t been a wall built that we cannot just tear down Hey! Hey! Hey! Walk tall, And smash your way though everything Hey! Hey! Hey! Walk tall, And There ain’t a fight that you can’t win Hey! Hey! Hey! Walk tall, And you’ll find out who’s your enemy Hey! Hey! Hey! Walk tall, And stay the hell away from me So many snides So many charlatans So many two faced snake oil salesmen This is our shout This is your reckoning We’ll chase you out and you won’t come back again Shield line, We’re the warriors Waves break but they’ll never ever break us Crashing down We’re victorious Your day is done and the sunrise looks so glorious now

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