Sunday 2 December 2018

Qlowski - Taking Control


  Top notch Italian post punk on the blog today. Qlowski are originally from Ravenna and feature Michele Tellarini, Cecilia Corapi, Davide Rossi and Francesco Salomone. They released their debut S/T ep a couple of years ago (snap it up name your price : They resurfaced a couple of days ago with an impressive follow up, it's titled Pure As Fear and it's available on 7" from Maple Death Records :

  You can find the digital version here :

  Now based in London the band have released one of the year's most exciting eps. There's hints of Joy Division (track 4, Needle, I'll be playing this one on next week's Just Some Punk Songs show) whilst the song you'll find below brings to mind one of my favourite tracks of 2018 (Do You Remember by Interrobang). You can get more info on them here :

  To my gnarly old ears, I'd say this is a band best played loud. This is the opening track to the new ep, it's titled Taking Control...


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