Wednesday 26 December 2018

Pizzatramp - Millions Of Dead Goths


  Pizzatramp were on here 18 months ago loudly complaining about having a bad back and they also featured last October with their split 5" ep with Domestics, today they return with a new single that's going to be on their upcoming album, Grand Relapse. One of 2019's most anticipated releases, it'll be out in the spring on TNS Records.

  Hailing from Caldicot, South Wales, they're a noisy as fuck 3 piece featuring Sammy Two Cabs (bass/growling), Jimmy No Whammy (guitar/howling) and Danny Bang Bang (fast drums). You can check out their music here :

  Get more info, check out live dates and read interviews where they come across as the drunkest and most chaotic band in Britain here :

  The video for the new single was posted online yesterday and it bodes well for the album. A fast paced look at the plight of those that dress in black and avoid the sun during the summer heatwave.... "Robert Smith's gone to Iceland" (that's the shop not the country, overseas readers) and I'm pretty sure I heard Helana Bonham Carter get a mention too. Play Loud, this is Millions Of Dead Goths...

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