Sunday 30 December 2018

Apocalypse Babys - Kill or Die


  From Derbyshire, Apocalypse Babys have been playing punk rock to punk rockers since 1990. A labour of love for frontman and song writer Dave Moran, they've endured the ups and dows of the punk scene and have just released their 10th studio album. Titled Wrong Side Of The Law, it's available from Vinyl Vera Records or from the band direct. 13 tracks of "fast and furious punk rock with the band's trademark melodic edge."

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  They've released a video for one of the new songs. Often when you read about Apocalypse Babys you'll come across comparisons with Stiff Little Fingers, this time around however Motorhead appear to have been more of an influence. The riffs are that little bit heavier, the vocals are more Lemmy than Jake Burns. Luckily it's catch as hell. Almost 30 years down the line and this is the sound of a band still rocking out, this is Kill Or Die...


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