Monday, 20 May 2019

The Fistulas - Inside Of You! (Review By Dirk Ceustermans)

  Our resident expert on all things Belgian Dirk Ceustermans brings us another killer band from his native land today....

Fistulas - Inside Of You! 

  Sometimes I don't open my letterbox for days, my records are sent to the address where I work so only commercials, bills and flyers from stupid politicians get dropped in it. Don't they read the sign saying "No Commercials / No politic promises"?

  But sometime ago, checking the amount of paper to be thrown away from the letterbox, there was this tiny parcel. in it a cassette, from the Fistulas! Yeah course, Dr Weskes said they were recording, and here it is. But a cassette? ok, get the deck activated again and er... hang on, this is not a cassette!
It's an usb stick in the size and shape of a cassette! Brilliant!

  On gets the pc, opening the folder (sooo modern.. oh la la) and play the mothers. The Fistulas are brave: They get some (un)healthy PNC dished up on your earplates. In times like these it takes some bravery.

  Garage punk in its ultimate simplicity and titles like Glitch Bitch, Bikini Girls, Sex Machine, Pushy and Inside of You! don't deny their urge for ehm Rock 'n' Roll

  I know Dr Weskes for quite a while now, and I know he is a real good guitarman, and on stage he is quite a showman as well. In this band that won't be any different. The rhythm section Krikke on bass & Wizarizer on drums keep things easy enough for us to shake a hip or two.

  The song Inside of You! sounds like someone desperately has an urge to... well.. you know. I only just now watched the video they put onto the tube, and it made me Laugh Out Loud. Fistulas are eL Ow eL, and they sure are enjoying the fun, I can hear that.

10 tracks on this usb cassette, you can hear 8 of them on their website:
Make sure to watch the header movie too, coolage!!

Inside of you!

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