Monday, 13 May 2019

Internal Credit - Find You're New

  "You're playing a lot of angular bands this week Mick"   "These sound like Vintage Crop which is good as I like Vintage Crop." Just a couple of the comments in the chatroom when I played a song from the new Internal Credit ep on Sunday's Just Some Punk Songs show. Hopefully they'll give you some idea of what the band sound like although you'll get a better idea if you head over to Bandcamp and check out the ep yourselves. It's their 2nd ep so I suppose its apt to call it II :

  Their first album only came out in January and a song from it was featured here :  I don't think there's much difference between the eps, maybe the production on the new one is a step up but both are really good. All the songs deserve your attention, all will have you wanting to bounce around. I think it's fair to say Internal Credit are one of the best new bands to come along in 2019. You can find more info on them here :

  This is the lead song on the ep, an up tempo "angular" garage/post punk banger that I can't imagine any JSPS visitor disliking. It's called Find You're New...

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