Thursday, 9 May 2019

Human Leather - You May Think It's Big and Clever, But All I See Is Fights, Vomit And Tired Nurses

  Another noisy one for you today, this time it's a snappily titled song from Brighton duo Human Leather. Featuring Tom Close on drums and Amee Chanter on bass it's not that surprising they've drawn comparisons with Rhode Island noise rockers Lightning Bolt. They recently released a 6 track ep titled Succulent, all songs are "pipin' hot out of the band oven." If you want it on vinyl it's available on 12" black vinyl, side A features Succulent whilst the flip features a remastered version of their 2016 ep Getting To Spend Time In The Canoe. It's limited to 200 copies so don't hang about. You can find details along with the digital version here :

  You can find more info here :

  They've also made the cover of the latest Suspect Device zine

  Not only do Human Leather kick up a racket, they've also come up with inventive and humorous song titles such as One Day I Hope You Realise That We're All The Same Species, Living In The Same Biosphere And That Focusing On Melanin Content Of Skin Is Pathetic. They're probably the longest song titles since Pizzatramp released their split with The Domestics. The song you'll find below is about how it's fine to drink in moderation but not to piss your life away. It's titled You May Think It's Big And Clever But All I See Is Fights, Vomit And Tired Nurses...

Hats off 
Well done 
Deserve a medal 
You really do 
Showed them 
You did 
Round of applause to you 

Fuck your mind 
Drink your money 
Who needs a liver when there's new ones? 
Where's your time? 
Down the pan 
Either that or sucked down a black hole 

Escape reality from time to time 
Everyone does it, and that's fine 
But now reality has long gone 
Tried to run, pushed under the rug 
Can't face the facts in this hole you've dug 
And the pub's always your siren song 

To feel wasted 
Mind and money 
Slips away 
That you wished for 
Was this it? 
Piss away your days 
Last orders 
Time's up 
Put the binge down 
People please 
A culture 
That's soaked with 
Pride in shots 
And heart disease 

Want to talk, but your head's around the cistern 
Want to fuck, but your head's around the cistern 

You are what you drink 
All you are is bitter 

What an ugly life you've lived 
In a fucking ugly world 
With the life of an only child 
That died

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