Sunday, 12 May 2019

Hairnet - Blow Dryer

  Hairnet are from Calgary, Alberta and feature members of Glitter, Janitor Scum and Dream Whip. They recently released a debut ep on Pee Blood Records titled Anarchy Is A Comin' It's supposedly available on cassette though I have no idea where you can buy it from. Fortunately I do know where you can find the digital version

  Of the 4 songs on the ep, 3 feature male vocals but the one I'm posting today, the lead track, is female fronted. A discordant affair featuring pounding drums, shambling guitars and couldn't give a fuck vocals it seems to tell the tale of a 29 year old's misfortunes whilst drying their hair. Follicle cleansing, live wire, electric fire.... I doubt it was a happy ending. This is Blow Dryer...

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